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Jun 25, 2021
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We are a law firm that has a chance to purchase a retiring lawyer's firm solo practice. The retiring lawyer has a valuable GMB listing (ranks #1 in the map for high value keywords). The primary value of the firm is likely the leads generated by the GMB listing. My sense is that if we purchase her firm and leave the GMB listing as is (under the name of the current firm), it will eventually be taken down because it will be flagged that the selling lawyer retired and therefore the business is closed.

On the other hand, if we take control of the GMB listing and change the name to our firm name the problem then seems to be that it would change the NAP consistency associated with the firm name, compromising the GMB ranking . In that scenario too perhaps the listing eventually be taken down because the reviews linked to the account are incongruous with the business name (they mostly mention the retiring lawyer).

Another idea I thought of is that the selling lawyer becomes "of counsel" to our firm and we change the listing to a practitioner listing, for example: "Jane Doe of counsel to Smith & Smith". That seems like a temporary solution that might entangle buyer and seller more than either desire.

Note that we are aware of and researching the ethics rules that apply to lawyers purchasing a practice. This question only has to do with the best way to maximize our chance of maintaining the value of the selling lawyer's GMB listing. If we think it will work from a business perspective we will then see if we can structure it to meet the ethics requirements.

Thank you so much in advance for any thoughts!!

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