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Apr 16, 2015
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Thanks letting me join the forum. I'm an insurance agent but rather spend my time learning seo and local.

I have a issue with my listing and having read every post on here for the last few months have a question if this is why :

Using google+ search States

searched phone number (253) 850-3226 also 2538503226 and my old fax 253 850-3229

Next I searched name and keyword + City state so I did Doug Jones Insurance Kent, WA

Here?s the crazy things I?ve found.

My Phone number search turns up my Google+ page (good) and 3 listings for a Shaw Laser Eye clinic in Virginia (2 closed and 1 open) ?

My Fax Number search finds my old office location (marked closed) named Doug Jones Insurance with the fax as the primary # (I have since got a new fax number for my active listing to try and distance myself from this closed listing)

My Name, KW City State search finds both my current listing and my closed listing (explained under fax search).

So, my theory for my poor ranking is the Virginia eye Dr is hurting me as well as still some negative effect from my old office location . How I fix this is my road block.
Hi Doug and welcome! Thanks for posting in the right section of the forum.

Posting a link to the results so my sore carpal does not have to go back and search again if needed later. states/s/(253) 850-3226

That's odd about the Laser eye listings. Different state and everything!

Sorry no time for a deep dive to do more research right now. Hopefully someone else can help or I'll try to get back later.
Hey Doug,

Welcome to the forum. I work with a ton of State Farm agents so I took a look at what we find most impacts them and I would say it's safe to say that the place in Virginia is not impacting your ranking at all and you can ignore that.

What is probably your main 2 issues is that you have the canonical tag removed off which is a complete duplicate of and any links pointing are not getting passed to the version which is what you're using on your G+ page.

Secondly, your old address is most likely the other main issue. There are still some major players that list you on Meeker Street, including Acxiom which is one of the most powerful online data providers."Doug+Jones"+"Meeker+St"
Thanks Joy, meant to ping you on this one.

Doug Joy's company specializes in insurance agents so they deal with issues like this all the time!

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