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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi All,

I have a weird problem where I go in, and I answer questions as the owner of the GMB profile, but, the answers I put in are not posting to the Q&A part? Is anyone else having this issue? Why is this happening?

Error path:
1. User (not me) submits a question to google Q&A
2. I write an answer - it even recognizes me as an owner
3. I click "post"
4. I check on a different browser, and the answer isn't posted
5. Somtimes I have gone in a month after posting an answer, and there is no answer there, but, when I go to write a response, my answer is sitting in the response area already.....
I have not experienced that at all, ever. Have you checked if this is the same with both search and map listing view? Is it possible it shows on one but not the other?
I have seen that happen when answers contain certain items that trigger a filter of some sort.
I can't recall what triggers the filter, but believe links, phone numbers and certain words cause it.
You may need to reword the answers.
We are having that happen too! Wait a day and sometimes they eventually appear!

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