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Oct 8, 2023
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Hey everyone,

I've not been at the SEO game super long, so apologies if this is a simple one.

I have a question about what city to use for citation building.

My client is a SAB in the Seattle area (DJ group). The business is home-based, in Everett, WA, which if you’re not familiar is in the northern part of the Seattle metro area.

For their GBP that’s no problem, as of course their address isn’t shown. For all the citations we’ll be building though, I’m not entirely sure what we should do.

The client does not want their street address anywhere online. So, since their city won't be listed on their GBP, should we still use Everett as the city for all the citations, or should we use Seattle?

I’m a little concerned because with some directories you have to put in the entire address, and then you can hide the address, but you still have to put in the whole address at first. But the only place they have an actual, full address is in Everett.

But, no one will be searching for “DJ in Everett”; they'd be searching for "DJ in Seattle”.

What do you think?

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