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Aug 7, 2013
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I have a franchise client that runs several fitness center locations. The puzzle with this "franchise" is they are all owned & operated independently, meaning they all have unique business names, as well as their own websites. The purpose of this franchise is they receive member benefits programs and marketing dollars through from the corporate franchise itself. Each fitness center has it's own business name, not branded with the franchise name. Here is an example of the business names (these are just hypothetical, not real business names):

Chris's Gym
Elite Gym
Maximum Fitness Gym

The franchise itself is branded hypothetically as 'Kodiak Fitness Centers'.

My question is, without using 'Kodiak Fitness Centers' in the business name itself, is it still possible somehow to get the individual locations to index and pull up in Google Local for 'Kodiak Fitness Centers' if we can use that franchise tag in areas such as the business description and website titles?

What We Can Do:
  • Use 'Kodiak Fitness Centers' in the business description on G+ and all the other directories. For example, putting in the business description "Chris's Gym is a Kodiak Fitness Center location".
  • Use 'Kodiak Fitness Centers' in the website content, as well as the website title, or in the footer of the website (such as a branded logo in the footer with a link back to the Franchise website)
  • Use 'Kodiak Fitness Centers' in each locations social media posts, blogs, etc. We can use it in most of each location's content on the web.

What We Can't Do:
[*]We cannot use 'Kodiak Fitness Centers' anywhere in the business name, for example we cannot use 'Chris's Gym - A Kodiak Fitness Center' as the business name.

I'm just trying to figure out if we can make these locations index for 'Kodiak Fitness Center' in local searches, aka are the signals strong enough to create a 7 pack or maps result just by having that common 'Kodiak Fitness Center' in the business description, website content, website title/footer, etc, in addition to anything else we can do to accomplish this.

Any insight would be much appreciated... Cheers!
I would suggest you add a line somewhere in the GMB description that says it's a Kodiak Fitness Centers gym. You can also additionally include this in the homepage title - if that's going to be a problem, add it to the About Us page or equivalent for every gym.

Since you're not going to have many people competing for this term in local SERPs, it should pull up quite easy.

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