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Nov 20, 2014
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Hey Guys,

Been having an issue with this for a while and was hoping somebody from outside the US might have the answer, the problem is this.

I want to set my chrome browser to the local area in the US where my clients are however because im from outside the US it wont allow me, even when I use a VPN/proxy it still sees me as being in the UK and im getting different results here than people who are actually local in that area.

So my Question is this, has anybody figured out a work around and what was the process to be able to achieve it all I need to do really is make Google chrome think im in the US, but its a lot harder than I thought!
Thanks for copying your Q out here. I don't know the answer, but hope someone can help.
Use Firefox with foxyproxy and a good proxy provider with location specific Google proxies.

Chrome in many cases as quite different results when comparing to other users because of the extra data it stores and collects etc.

Also be sure to visit and not
No, that sets the location to the US, but not a specific city.
Thanks guys ill play around with this today,

So are we saying that we cant set a city if we are outside the US?
Not unless you use one of Brolands suggestions about using a proxy.
Ok great ill take a look today thanks,

So whats your view Colan, your in Canada right? what do you do? if your using your method does that mean the results you get back are a bit Skewed compared to being able to set the local area?
If none of those options work I would recommend getting a US based VPS that you can remote into. This would allow all applications to connect to the internet using a US IP address. The VPS would have an IP address in whichever city the machine is setup in.

Also there are many proxy providers which allow you to select the city of your preference, although the sections are somewhat limited. You are most likely to find proxies in the top 100 US cities, but not too many in smaller cities.

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