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Oct 27, 2020
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Hi, a new client reach out to because his google business profile is no longer visible. And he doesn't know how this is possible or for how long is is the case. It is presumably deliberate removed by a former employee. The two got estranged. The client doesn't have any Google logins and doesn't do anything online. An old fashioned driving instructor is who he is. he ahs a website though.
I've just filled in the reinstatement form with a couple of guesses in the required fields.
1. does anyone know how Google usually reply? Do they call you (there is a phone number field) or do they reach out through email?
2. Are there any other ways to check if and when the business profile existed or has been removed?

I presume the wordt case scenario is to create a new business profile?

Hope anyone can help!

First, has the client ever had access to this profile? Have they ever logged in to manage it in any way? If not, that may cause some issues if the profile has been suspended.

Google will not delete a profile, they will mark it as "permanently closed" and it will still show up in maps (unless it's been suspended). Try searching for the name, address and/or phone number in maps to see if you can get the profile to show up.

If you can find the profile, you can try to gain access again by clicking "Own this business?" on the profile. You'll likely need to verify the business to the address by sending a postcard with a pin.

If you cannot get the profile to show up, contact Google support via this help form. Explain to them the issue and give as much info as you can including full business name, address, and phone number. If you do not have access to the profile, a reinstatement form won't help.

Google support will reply via email.
We had a client go through this as well when a former employee that was an owner on the listing deleted it instead of removing their own access. The listing was gone. Couldn't find it with a brand search, address or phone number search. When we went to create a new listing Google showed us a listing with most of the information from the previous listing.

We were able to claim that listing and reached out to support to ask if we could recover any reviews and pics. They were able to find and most of the reviews but we did lose all the pictures. It's also a new CID so the rankings started all over at ground zero. It is recovering slowly but boy was this painful. This situation also pointed out the importance of recording the CID of listings.

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