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Feb 25, 2023
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your website Hello, all LocalForm experts, I ask you to answer my question for the utmost necessity: I have a site for transporting and storing furniture for a client who works in the Riyadh region only so that I can classify my site for organic results. What is the best structure for a website to win the first results of organic results when searching for the service + the name of the city and it is here Riyadh. I have created a website with a home page, a contact page, and an about us page, and I have written three articles that include services. Please note that all sites that rank in the results use articles only and do not use pages to win the classification, although the intent of the words is to obtain a company that implements the same service, for example, customers are looking for a furniture moving company in Riyadh. Please answer as soon as possible so that I can design the site in a good way. thank you plese help.
Hello, that is a big questions with a long answer and a bunch of "it depends". The main thing you want to consider is to optimize the homepage for your main service + city. Create service pages for ALL your services. These should be evergreen, standalone pages that are designed to rank for the specific service they are optimized for. It's a good idea to update your service pages at least once per year.

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