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Jul 29, 2014
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I'm based in the UK and I have a potential client whose business postcode places him several streets away from where he really is on Google Maps. I'm not sure what he could do about this officially, but he decided to look up and use one that is closer, and he's been running with it for quite a while now.

He has no problems - his mail gets there, his customers find him no trouble. All is good apart from I'm now talking to him about working on his citations and I'm not sure what to recommend:

1. Use the official one and clean up the wrong postcodes out there (there are lots).
2. Keep using the 'custom' one because it won't cause problems.

And that's really my question - if ALL citation sources are using the custom postcode, will Google still be able to find the official one and demote his business in local search?

Are there any official sources Google uses to check addresses in the UK? (I know that just became 2 questions).

Any other problems this may cause or reasons why the custom postcode shouldn't be used (3 question now. Sorry).

The postcode my client chose to use places him directly on his shop location so it's not as if he's conning or scheming anyone, but I don't want to go ahead and use the wrong postcode if it will cause him problems in the future.

I appreciate any views on this especially if anyone has been through a similar issue and found the best practice.


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