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May 17, 2016
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Im looking to submit a Business Redressal Complaint Form and had a couple of questions.

Questions :

A) Do i need to use my actual name or can i use a made up name

B) Should i submit the form my email google account (my work email google account) or from a throw away email account ?

C) Re. the question "Name of the entity or organisation that is getting impacted." does this mean the name of the company you are reporting or the name of the company you as the reporter work for (eg. if you were reporting on your competition, you could be negatively effected by the competitors, fraudulent listing.

D) What (if anything) should you upload using the File Upload feature ?

E) Currently how long does it take for google to take action against an offending listing ?

F) Do you have any tips on submitting one of these complain forms.

G) Does the company / firm being reported get a notification of who reported them and why ?

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