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Sep 30, 2019
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For my company Google Listing I asked (using my personal account while at home) a bunch of questions a week ago. I answered them all (with my business-specific account while at work) and they were showing up in our knowledge panel. However, I just noticed all but 2 of the question/answers are still there. Meaning, at least 8 questions have now vanished -- even very old questions that were there for over a year ago and not asked by myself. Has anyone else experienced this? A bug?

I am hesitant to resubmit the questions if this is just a bug. I can provide the listing if that would help -- I just did not want to do any self-promoting!
I asked and answered 3 questions with my main Google account which is also the account I use for my business and GMB. They all showed up, then only 2, then all 3 again, now only 1. I am hoping it's a bug that will be resolved.

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