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Suggest they move their business from a PO box, or leave well enough alone?

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you could probably do this and not get caught, but I'd never suggest it to a client, if for no other reason than because I wouldn't want anyone to look at work I've done and start thinking I'm black hat.

I think we're talking about a carpet cleaner. Maybe I"m over generalizing but I bet they're already on the greyish side of the fence, if not black
I;m coming from the point of view of a buisness owner, not an seo. I do much of my own seo, that is why I am constantly on this forum to keep my skills up.

With that being said, I personally would take the risk and leave it. I would also hedge my bets and open up a second location in the same city with a verifiable address. Then I would ad another page to my website with the second location specifically listed. Something like south Dallas, or something clever to differentiate it. He could probably use his home address which would be appropriate.

If you do get penalized on the first you have the second being built up to replace it. Not a different brand but a different number and location.

I would never mess with something that is ranking in the 3 pack and bringing in leads consistantly.

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