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Jul 11, 2014
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For this page: Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney - Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney | Criminal Lawyer - it ranks well for "Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer" - first page.

But the Google Local is on the 5th page. Not good.

The problem is that the footer has the schema for the main office (it's a footer, so it's site wide). I put the Riverside address on the page itself, but any tips on how to improve Local rankings?

His main office ranks well on Local SEO for "Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney", but the Riverside office is not performing as well.

Was the Riverside listing only created recently? Map Maker history only goes back to July 2014, is why I ask.
Age of the G+ Local page has always been a factor to some degree. Post pigeon, we have noticed a high number of poorly optimized G+ Local pages ranking with nothing going for them other than the age of the page. So I think the age of the G+ Local page is currently a significant part of it.

A page that's only a couple months old is pretty young. And this market is quite competitive, so that plays into it.
Silly Google!

When I search for "Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney" I get no pack in FF or Chrome.

When I search G maps for Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney, on both FF and Chrome
I get a ONE-BOX for a CLOSED KW stuffed listing with no website.

So out of all the attys in Riverside the only one that ranks is a closed listing?
Closed listings are not supposed to rank for KW searches but I guess because the title is KW stuffed Google thinks it's a brand search.

Click to expand image: Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney - Google Maps | Awesome Screenshot

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