Dec 18, 2012
I'm not a newbie at SEO, actually had my hands in it now for 14 years, but not at the local level.

To rank a site for surround cities, are there on-site tips we can apply? I know google has gotten so sophisticated with all it's updates, it's scary to over-optimize a site now, but to rank for say cities in a 10 mile radius what can we do "on-site" that will help?

I'm well aware of page and description titles, but I don't know if it's still okay to have a statement on the homepage saying something like...

"Also serving city, city, city and city."

Or, if there are more effective strategies to do this and improve those rankings?

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
trentster you replied as if you are Mike.

And in a different thread you confused us replying the OTHER way around. (Mike replied to trentsters post.)

It appears you are the same person.
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Please PM me and let me know which user name you want to keep so I can merge your accounts.

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