Erin Adams

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Jul 18, 2013
We're trying to rank nationally and locally. We have an (888) area code phone number and also a local number. Which number should we use as the primary number for listings?

Is it possible to use our (888) phone number as the primary and still rank locally?

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
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Jul 26, 2012
Yes, it's still possible to rank well with a non-local number, provided that other locations / Google listings don't also use that phone number. Google won't pull your listing or anything. But I'd suggest using a number with a local area code if at all possible. Unless you're Bank of America, Google may weight the rankings in favor of businesses with local area codes.

Marie Ysais

Sep 18, 2012
It is advised as Phil said but I can tel you I have ranked many 800 number locally very easy and hit the number 1 spot. If you are ranking nationally as well as locally I would probably pick the 800 number so you have one number and not two floating around. That is just my 2 cents.:)

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