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Aug 21, 2017
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Hello all,

Long time reader, first time poster!

I work for an agency that does SEO and have a client located in California who has a troubling issue.

His Google Maps listing is filtered (not showing up) in ALL the search results originating from (ie, carpet cleaning manteca). His maps listing does not show up AT ALL in any of the results from Google Search for any of his categories.

However, the business is consistently ranking in the #2 spot for searches made directly from Google Maps. If I search "carpet cleaning manteca" in Google Maps (same search terms) the listing is consistently in the #2 spot.

Am I missing something? How can we help this business become visible on Google Search for their map listing?

Any insight is appreciated! Thank you. Screenshots are attached.




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Hey aputtock, welcome - glad you joined us and added a ranking puzzle. We love these!

Just had time for a super quick look but have Qs anyone will need to know if they come to help as well.

Is their business name really "Carpet Cleaning"? What's the real name?

Need link to the actual maps listing, so we can see the one you are talking about.

The one I found was not claimed and had address showing. Both issues are a problem.
But I'm assuming I might have found a dupe, cuz if you are doing SEO for them, I'm sure you would have claimed their listing. A dupe can cause a listing to be filtered, which is why I want to see the listing you are referring to. After we see it and dig further I'm sure we'll have more feedback for you.

Now I'm totally confused. You said you always rank #2 and did a red box around the #2 listing with the name "Carpet Cleaning" so I thought that was your client's listing. Oops sorry something just came up, I'll try to come back later if I have time to research.
Hi Linda,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to explain a little bit more clearly :)

The issue that I am having (and see with other clients as well) is that clients are ranking in a Mobile Google Maps search/a search for the service category that originates from (See Screenshot below)Client in question - Grasso Carpet Cleaning


However, if you search the same key categories and areas (in the example above, 'carpet cleaning, manteca') the Maps results that originate from a Google search do not display the business. The client's business does not appear even through all maps listings results as per the screenshot below.

1.jpg 2.png

It is as if they are being filtered from Maps results originating from Google Search, while ranking highly on Google Maps itself. I have seen this same thing happen with at least two other businesses in the past week.

Any feedback is helpful!

Thanks again,



Hi Abby,

What is the location that you are performing the search from? (city, zipcode)

When did you notice that this was happening? Prior to this time they were ranking just fine, correct?

Thanks Abby, guess you just changed the name to the correct one.

Anyway, you'll notice that all the ones listed have the directions button. That's because they have address showing. (Which should mean they have a walk-in office, staffed full time.)

Your client's address is hidden, as it should be, but I believe Google is no longer showing hidden address SABs in search/maps since you don't need a map to find them.

I know, does not seem fair. But I think that will force more to use to use the new HSA ads once available, if they want to be seen. :eek:

Here's an article that explains where things are heading. Google’s advanced verification test in San Diego just dropped over 89% of listings from the 3-pack

Actually, that's what it looks like since all the ones listed have addresses. And I believe Google is heading that way with some SAB verticals. But I checked some other SABs in other areas and they are still showing even with hidden address.

I'll try to get feedback from others, since I've been MIA for a couple months and I'm not sure where the HSA expansion is at.
It definitely appears like Home Service Ads could be impacting this but I didn't have carpet cleaning on the industry list for this area so I'm going to ask Google and get back to you.
Thank you all for your help, especially the articles!

It is definitely troubling but, at the end of the day, we all need to bend to Google's will and adapt.
I FINALLY heard back and it's sounding like this is not intended so I'm hoping it gets corrected soon. I'll let you know when they confirm.

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