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May 31, 2019
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I just finished listening to this "Office Hour" with @JoyHawkins > Google My Business Ranking Factors for 2020

A few outstanding questions for the forum:

1. Very interesting the downplaying of GMB posts. On the other hand, it was also mentioned that long-tail keywords show a 3-pack more often now. Do GMB posts help with long-tail keyword searches? (EX: A GMB post about "options for cocaine rehab with blue cross insurance" and a search "Blue cross cocaine rehab" - would that GMB post help rankings for that long-tail search? If it could, isn't that something you could build a strategy around since you need a lot less content in a GMB post than a blog post?).

2. What about hours? It seems like Google is associating 24/7 with spam. Do hours have an impact (positive or negative)? We have someone answer the phones 24/7, but the core staff is only there until 11PM. Wondering if changing from 24/7 would actually help since we're in a very spammy industry?

3. Can other locations in the same account negatively impact another listing? (Ex: a listing in NJ was flagged for spam. Or, a NJ listing that ranks very low. Could that impact a listing in PA that's in the same account?)
1. I haven't yet seen a case where posts impacted ranking but if you already rank for that term, adding a post can get you that post highlight.

2. Having your hours set as 24/7 can have an impact on Google reinstating the listing if it gets suspended.

3. No, I've never seen anything about an account get factored into ranking.

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