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Mar 22, 2013
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Re: Places page as an Organic Result

Not quite sure what you are asking... could you elaborate a little more so we can understand what answer you are seeking?
Re: Places page as an Organic Result

Thanks for asking Luke, I didn't understand either.
Re: Places page as an Organic Result

My google local listing is showing in places search, but it is not showing in We result. ( see the attached files). So my Question is when my local listing will be shown in Google's web search result.


Jeewan garg

Screen Shot.JPG

Screen shot 1.jpg
Re: Places page as an Organic Result

Sorry, still not making sense to me.

In post #1 you wanted to rank in KY for servo stabilizer with a site in India. Which didn't make sense and would not work.

In the post above the query is cirrhosis of liver which is not even a local term, so it won't pull local results. Since that's a medical term, not a local term, page one of organic search would likely be dominated by WebMD type sites.
Re: Places page as an Organic Result


Thank you very much for replying to my Question

But pl tell me whem some one is searching for cirrhosis of Liver and he/she is searching from his location in delhi , then still this term is not considered Local.

Also Pl tell me how can i chat with you online for further queries.

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