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Jul 2, 2014
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Hey Guys/Gals really could do with any of your expert opinions on this, I took on a business that I am friendly with :( silly. The issue is I overlooked the simplest and rule NO 1 of getting started and that was the NAP and the business in question, it was a hidden blunder I never anticipated.

This business has two businesses running out of the same address but are not in reality or psychically the same address, they are next door to one another and completely different businesses in a sense, the only difference on paper being the name of the business before the address, it's a family run business & it uses the one local phone number for both.

I took it on with the assumption it was separate because it has a completely different name, plus the one I'm working on has a website and the other does not.

But after doing a bit of digging Iv'e found that the one with the website is called what it is but the other half of the business uses both business names in it's title and has been listed in various places.

So to try and make a bad situation better how should I go forward with this ? My focus is mainly on the business side with the website, should I try to merge these 2 or should I treat them as separate ? In Googles eyes as it stands I would think they are separate businesses, but in some cases bundled with the two names and being mixed and using the same number so Google will flag this until it's cleaned up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated on the best approach both for me and the business in question one side of the businesses is a BnB and the other is a bar both with their own respective names..

I know the route I want to take but this is a first for me and certainly a learning experience for future projects, so if anyone has been in this type of situation or has any advice I'd love to hear it :) thanks in advance.

Gerry D
Hi Gerry,

Moved from Consultant's Corner which is for general discussions - to Help & Support - which is for help on a specific listing.

To be able to help we'll need links to the G+ L listings. I'm totally confused about what's what based on your description, so we need to see them both to be able to figure out.

Please see this post which explains more about why we need the links to the G+ L pages:

Then I won't be able to help personally due to severe RSI issues, but am trying to set it up to make it easier for some of out others members to help, so they'll have the info they need.

Weekends are quiet here, so could be Monday before we get replies.
Hi Linda I really appreciate you taking the time to correct my silly mistake in not fully understanding where I should have posted the first time.

I thought as much that I might have confused anyone reading the post, all is not lost though I have resolved my uncertainty today with a bit of applied assertiveness, thanks again Linda for replying to my query much appreciated have a great weekend.

Gerry D

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