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Jul 19, 2012
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Hi All,

I just wanted to share a response that I received from a Google employee that I received during some troubleshooter reporting that I was doing.

First of all, I'm not trying to bash Google employees who work in the support dept., in fact this particular employee has been incredibly responsive and helpful, which is usually the case. However, I was scratching my head when a response I got, indicated a level of knowledge that is way below what I had thought these employees are at. Here it is:

"Thanks for providing that screenshot, that's very interesting. I'm
surprised you're able to see this data, our systems are designed to only
display your statistics of 30 day periods at a time.
However,consider yourself lucky that you can view this, this is the first time
I've seen data older than 30 days on any listing.

If you wouldn't mind, and if you have time, could explain how you got to
view this? If not, that's totally fine."

Can anyone spot the reason why my jaw dropped at this response?
OMG Jaw hit floor. Me too! :rolleyes:

Well I'm still going to try to find a bright side in this and say that hopefully this signifies they are bringing new support people in who are still in training???
I was thinking/hoping that exact same thing Linda ;)

I think it can also serve as a lesson to really think about what Google employees are saying. Not everything should be taken at face value, because there always seems to be hidden meaning in responses, guidelines, etc. Whether it's intentional or not is the fun part.
HAHAHA Colan just sent me the employee's response:


I am in awe right now, thank you for teaching me that and for providing
your helpful screenshot :) Since I was not aware of this, I reviewed this
with my team, and it appears that the only data we have is what is
displaying. Unfortunately, we're not sure why your previous data is not
displaying but there is nothing we can do to influence it to display.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your listing in the future
please reply back to this email thread and I will be happy to help.
Have a wonderful day~

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I also wanted to comment this makes me a little nervous since I constantly advise people to use the troubleshooter.
Ditto that Joy. It made me REALLY nervous, but since I've been busting Google's chops on so many things lately and am starting to sound so negative, I was just trying to look on bright side. BUT am totally with ya!

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