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Nov 14, 2012
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I have a dental client who is opening an additional location as well as rebranding their current name and website. Phone and address for existing location will stay the same. They will have a redirect from the old site to the new site. The individual dentist currently has an unclaimed listing with only 1 review.

Question 1: shall I claim the practitioner listing and simply make edits to his name and website? And then link that to his bio page?

Question 2: can I claim the practitioner listing and create 2 other listings for each location in the same account? Still verifying if new location will have separate phone number.

Not sure about correcting any citations currently out there.

I'm fairly certain how to go about this, but need some confirmation/assistance from others who have dealt with similar situations before.
Hi Scott,

So there is currently no practice listing out there on Google? You've checked thoroughly? There's only a Dr listing?

1: Don't claim the Dr. listing. This was in in the duplicate part of training but maybe you missed the link because I know there was a ton of info. Read these 2 articles bottom on 1st, but the top has suggestions to minimize the Dr listing. Search Results practitioner duplicates - Google Places Optimization Blog
(In nutshell don't claim, just do user edit and change link to Dr bio or staff page so does not compete with practice listing which will link to home page.)

2: They need separate phone #s or it could lead to merging.

3: If you are sure no existing practice listing in the old name (which would be really odd) then yes you can create 2 listings in same account.

4: You didn't ask, but if you are wondering, I would create in Places for now, not G+.
Then wait and don't merge with G+ until Google advises it's ready for prime time.
Thanks Linda.

No main listing for the practice, only the dentist ( Did find another listing with that phone, but I will mark that one as closed since there is no office in that location. I will change the link on the current listing to his bio page and minimize cats, then create a main listing (yes, in Places) for the practice. As of now, they do not have a separate phone for the new location and don't think they will, even though I have stressed to them the reasons for having a separate number. So, I will not create a listing for the new location for now.
Last thing, what would the drawbacks be if I did want to claim the practitioner listing in that same account? I would still link to the bio page and minimize cats. I would only add a few pics and not fully optimize it.

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