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Apr 21, 2014
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Hi all,

I've searched the forum but haven't seen anything that would give me a clear answer. Here's the situation. A recently moved business (June; they moved across the street) has three unclaimed Google business pages:<wbr>113510011991944710679/about<wbr>104321378852067392548/about<wbr>102986695913368261207/about

As you can see from the middle one, they have 49 average 4.9 star reviews, which they are rightfully worried about losing. Is it safe to go in and claim that listing? And if so, when should I change the address?

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Rich all 3 are claimed so to speak. 1 and 3 are just G+ pages not local. But it appears someone at the company created them since they all have company images. So someone there should have log in for them.

#2 is the only local page but it's definitely claimed already because it has a description. Unclaimed listings don't. You won't be able to just reclaim it. Need to try to find whoever set it up and get the log in. My guess is that whoever set up #2 set up #1 because the descriptions are the same.

If you can't get log in then you need to call support and they will have to help you take over the listing.

Then just change address in dash. Since it's a nearby move and same street the reviews may stick. But if they disappear there is now an option to ask support to move the reviews over to the new listing.
To reinforce what Linda said (not that she needs it) I recently moved a business across town, 5 miles, from the dash and didn't have any problems everything stuck. This is my furthest yet and I'll keep testing to see how far I can go because I'm a risk taker like that plus it's fun to see what your limits are . ;-)
Wow, the more I learn, the less I feel like I know!

I thought a check mark by the profile photo meant it was verified. And I'm still trying to figure out what the check mark by the website address means!

As always, thanks so much for your help. The forum is a daily stop for me now.
Wow, the more I learn, the less I feel like I know!

Don't feel like the lone ranger. Many consultants have felt the same way. There is so much more to this than most people realize. It's a constant learning process.

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