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Sep 18, 2018
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Does anyone have experience with moving Reviews from one Company Page to another within Facebook. I have been successful with GMB support team helping me to accomplish this in the past, and was hoping Facebook supported the process as well. So far I can't seem to find anything related to this. The company is changing from Manufacturer to Retail sector. Manufacturer will retain existing page on Facebook. I would hate to see the retail location lose their 5-star rating and believe 25+ reviews is enough to be concerned about.

Any insight would be appreciated...
@Jen Currier I ran this by a colleague who does Facebook marketing and they said:

The only way to 'move them' that I know of is if you merge two pages. So she would create a new retail page and then merge the old manufacturer page with the new and all the likes and reviews should carry over, however she then loses the old page. You can't have two simultaneous running facebook pages sharing reviews I believe, but she should try to contact FB support to see if maybe there is a secret way.

This blog post has the steps for merging: Can I Transfer My Facebook Likes to A Different Page?
@Colan Nielsen - Thank you for taking the time to help me. I will certainly keep this resource handy for future needs. The problem is that the Manufacturer will be retaining the original Facebook Page as the Brand, a new page will be created for the Retail location rather, my hope was that the reviews could be moved from the Manufacturer page to the new Retail page as they were associated with the Retail location - but this just doesn't seem to be possible.

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