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Mar 4, 2022
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We relocated our business to another city and changed the address on GBP. But our account was suspended instantly after the address change. We did not realize how serious of the problem so tried to reinstate it by explanations but without providing any evidences. It was rejected in two days. After reading related posts in this forum, we've prepared and tried collecting as many evidences as possible. Here is the list
- evidence of the signage​
- evidence of using the address for pickup​
- evidence of our business registration​
So what should we do next? Are we able to reinstate it twice? It really seriously hurts our business. Please help!
We have posted the question in the google community for 6 days but have not got any reply or suggestion yet.
With the evidence of signage and address, have you uploaded that to your Photos area also?
We recently had a client move too and it was an instant suspension. We updated the photos for the new location, uploaded a few team photos, and uploaded pictures of their trucks at the new location address. Resubmitted (2nd resubmit) and it was accepted.

Provide what you can publicly, then whatever else is needed for validation, and resubmit.
Thanks so much Conor for your quick response.
We did try to use the reinstatement link again. If we say yes to the first question "Did you already submit a reinstatement request for this Business Profile?", it will stop the process immediately. It shows "To avoid further delays, don't submit multiple requests for the same Business Profile." Where can we resubmit the files?
I've always selected the YES option. It doesn't kill the request instantly.

The note about multiple requests I interpret that to mean "open requests." Wait for a response before opening another request.

For the files, I've attached Dropbox links etc and had the files listed there with additional info.

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