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Feb 25, 2013
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Does anyone know of a reliable source for GMB change notifications?

I used to get them from Bright Local's GMB tool, but it stopped working a while back. I've tried several other providers,, etc. but no luck. They either don't work or don't send email notifications.

Appreciate any suggestions or insights.
We use Pleper and I get email notifications every day in batches but there is usually about a 24-hour delay. Is getting them in real-time a deal breaker?
I second Pleper. There are other tools out there, some faster, some inconsistent at best. The most reliable & cost effective one has been Pleper.

There are platforms that monitor listings 24x7 and show info on a dashboard. They might have email notification settings. They are for larger scale businesses, and do more than just monitor GMB listings. Uberall is one I can think of in that category.

When you say you're not getting notifications from Pleper - that's surprising because I do get emails, just not real-time.
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Apparently, I am doing something wrong then. I'll have to check my settings in Pleper. Don't need them to be real-time notifications. Appreciate the feedback.

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