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Jan 3, 2020
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Business moved its headquarters, but the old location has 5 GBPs that are departments that are unverified. They're not listed as a department on Maps (located in). It sounds like at one point they set them up and verified them, made a mess, now they are all unverified and they want to simply remove them. They have their correct listing (just one, no departments necessary!) at the correct new address and it's verified.

I plan to take these steps:
  • Suggest an edit - "Doesn't Exist Here" (I'm going to try doing this from a few email accounts)
  • Wait to see if it's accepted by Google and if not, submit a redressal form - how long should I wait before submitting a redressal form?
Is there anything else I can/should do? It's a bad user experience when customers search and find these invalid profiles and the business is hoping to get it cleaned up.

Hi Tricia, should the departments have existed in the first place? In other words, do they actually qualify? If not, what you suggested is exactly what I would do. If they do qualify, I would contact GBP support and ask them if they can remove them. Suggest an edit will likely work as well, but technically Google wouldn't want you suggesting that they don't exist if it was a legit listing.
Hi Colan!

I don't think they should technically exist. The business has departments, but they are not separate like what Google would consider acceptable for having separate profiles.

Thank you!

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