Sep 5, 2016
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I have been contacted by one of my clients and they wish for a Virtual Tour for there business to be removed from the knowledge graph and GMB. The marketing team I am in contact with do not have the details of the person who did it for them in 2015, and when viewing it from the knowledge graph it is marked as being carried out by Google Inc.

This does not surprise me as it is a well known business in a large city so it may have been carried out as a test case before they joined us as a client .

The client want the indoor images replaced by the street view car images from outside the building as we know when they will be getting renewed . As the rooms depicted have all been refurbished and does not give a fair reflection of the business.

What does everyone here think my next steps should be:-

  1. Contact google maps using the same email address as the GMB
  2. Follow the steps discussed in this thread
  3. Something else?

Thanks for the help
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