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Sep 5, 2013
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Yahoo has obviously changed in the past month or so. In some ways I am seeing faster response time on business listing additions (free listings) instead of 8-12 weeks or more that was happening.

They are also noticing categories now and will kick back your listing if it is not accurate. :rolleyes:

That all being said, how do we now:

1) Report Duplicates?
2) Report Errors (bad phone/website/attached)?

Without creating a new listing and trying to change it.

Any tips would be great. Before you could report inaccurate info/duplicates but I am not seeing that choice anymore.

I am having the same issue with a client where Yahoo's system constantly creates a dupe with the format of ClientName-BusinessName. The only way I have been able to get it removed was to claim it then change all the information and request it be deleted. This works for a couple of weeks and then it pops back up again. Very frustrating.
And now I have found another client whose Company name is wrong. What can we do?
How do you claim a listing in Yahoo that is already created? I cant seem to figure it out.
When you create a listing it should attach to the correct listing but it might not. With one clients duplicates kept getting created, which Yahoo doesn't like.

I will be honest I couldn't get Yahoo to take the wrong website off our free listing (it was correct in dash but not online). I went ahead and paid $10 for an enhanced.
And it worked.

So far.

I am going to cancel before 30 days. Not sure after I stop paying if it will unstick.

Also there is a dupe with bad address still out there going to this spam website (which was attached to our listing, domain matches company name, probably scraped) that I have reported, I might wait and see if they will delete it before I stop paying the $10.

PS I forgot about that removal form and I totally read about it here:[h=1]How to Remove Duplicate Listings from Different Business Directories[/h][h=1]
Because I read it 4 months ago-that's 28 months in SEO time(hee hee). [/h]
This form usually works well for duplicates - Local Listing Removal Request Form | Yahoo Local Help

Hi Colan,

That form is no longer available. Now they have replaced it with information on how to
  • Cancel a listing you created or claimed (which leads to an account login)
  • Cancel a listing you didn't create or claim (which points to the major aggregators... or Yext)

Yahoo says "you?ll need to contact one of the 3rd party database providers that supplied Yahoo with it." In my case, I checked all the aggregators, and the listing in question is not in any of them.

I tried to submit my request via a different form this morning and I got an incident # in reply, but I'm not sure if they will take any action.

Local Enhanced Help Form: (I used 'n/a' as the account number)

Any new methods you know of to get a duplicate listing removed from Yahoo Local?

There is currently no way to remove duplicate listings on Yahoo! Local in a straightforward manner. The only two options would be:

1) Remove or update the incorrect listing on the source site (most frequently ExpressUpdate, Localeze, or Yelp). Wait for the new information to make its way to Yahoo's local business database again, and hope that they will match this updated information with the outdated one, and will eventually update their outdated record. This might take... quite a while :)

2) Claim the incorrect duplicate listing and then cancel it (see here how to do that). This, again, might take some time, especially if the only verification option might be "by postcard", but it could very well be faster and safer than method 1 above. Of course, you would still need to make sure the business information is accurate on all the data source sites, too.

Claim the incorrect duplicate listing and then cancel it (see here how to do that).

Hi Nyagoslav, thanks for the tips. I see that the page that you linked to seems to mention things such as 'billing cycle', 'prepaid' service time, and no 'prorated refunds'. Also, the URL contains the wording "Cancel Basic Enhanced Listing".

Is your suggestion here to claim the listing and pay (US$9.95/mo.) for the 'Local Enhanced Listing' option, then cancel the paid monthly plan? Or might this process work for a free/basic listing, too?



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