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Jul 22, 2013
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Does anyone know if there's a way to report a site that Google is using in the KG as part of the reviews profile?

I have a customer who supposedly has reviews on a site called pageglimpse. Amazing thing is that every time I load the page, the review count changes. 671, 1049, 794 - and so on. Knowing this business, they'd be luck to have one review.
The only way you can log into the site is to use a FB sign in.
Their contact page is full of disclaimers about them being legally compliant with copyright issues. Their meta is full of disclaimers about the accuracy of their info. Basically they're admitting to being nothing but a scraper site. Generally you get the impression they don't a) give a rip and b) want to hear from you.

The FB only login suggests they're there to harvest what info they can from your profile and relationships.

What I'm appalled at is how seemingly desperate Google is for reviews that they would use this site as any sort of credible source of reviews!

So is there a way to call this site out and get the google bots to see this site as the waste of bits and bytes it is?

Margaret, we have a big thread in the Private Pro forum I started a long time ago.

This is part of a big network of scraper sites that all show up in Google 3rd party reviews even though none of them have any reviews. They are all cookie cutter duplicate sites with different names and designs.

pageinsider, ranksphere, pagespan and rankinsider are just a few. There are lots more.
I list a bunch of others in that private thread in the training forum.
From a forum discussion where John Mueller stepped in and commented - here's where to report those types of directories/listings -

report it here and then John piped in and added
If you find more complicated cases that you can't easily fit into that form, feel free to send them to me directly through my Google+ profile ( ).


I did get a warning from one of the other people in the conversation that the rich snippet reporting tool is a bit hit and miss, still going to give it a go.

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