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Aug 4, 2012
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Hi All.

What is the best way to report a hateful fake review from a competitor?

I'm talking about a review done in full capital letters from a cheating competitor that speaks lies.

If you click the flag to report it, what is the best option?

- This post contains hateful, violent, or inappropriate content

- <label for="spam"> This post contains advertising or spam </label>

- Off Topic

- <label for="coi"> This post contains conflicts of interest </label>
I would say the last one as it would be a conflict of interest if your competetor posted a review not based on their subjective reality. I don't have much experience in reporting reviews, other than that of the owner posting a review of their own business (Google shut them down for that and other reasons). I'd stick to things you can prove in why the review is fraudulent. Otherwise you risk appearing like a business person bitter about an unfavorable review.

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