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Jul 26, 2013
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I am working with three established businesses. I requested a post card verification for each one. It has been over 4 weeks with nothing mailed on any of them. Suggestions on what steps to take next please?


Barry Zuber
Hi Barry,

I think if it's been over 3 weeks, they want you to try mail a second time before contacting support.

But if it happened to 3 different businesses could be a bug. You can try contacting phone support and they may be able to help you verify.
I've been in touch with GMB support very recently on this for 3 different locations that had not received their postcards within 14 days. Support was able to verify on the phone right away for all three. I've got to say that I've been pleased with the Google first line phone support team lately.
New post card requests are in process. Thanks!


Make sure your client isn't throwing them away! Have seen that happen with a client, who just thought it was more 'spam' in the mailbox and threw them away. I waited 4 weeks, still no card...
This is true Klaas.

I always used to do a series of things to alert the business about what was coming and stress how important it was that staff did not throw it away and someone called me with the numbers right away. I created a template, and it's offered in my training. But basically its a well worded email template, that includes a copy of what it will look like. And asks the owner to forward the email to staff so they would know to look for it and that it's important.

I basically would tell the owner it would delay starting his campaign if I someone throws it away and I don't get the PIN.

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