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Aug 23, 2014
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I was wondering if there was someone who could look at this website and tell me why the gold stars don't show up on Google Search. According to the rich snippits tool, they should show up.

A few weeks ago, I would search "home insurance morro bay" and get this page ranking organically - Morro Bay Insurance - Free Online Insurance Quote with the gold stars.

The stars were showing perfectly on every page except the homepage. I read on this thread ( that Nick had a way to get them to show on the home page, so for the homepage only, I deleted the format I was using, and used his instead.

I waited a couple weeks and then all the review stars disappeared on every page so I instantly removed his code format from the home page and added the one I was using back. Since then (it's been about a week), I have had no luck getting the stars to return. Any ideas?
It looks like that page was last indexed on August 26th, so it could be that Google hasn't been back to the page since you made the change.

In the past, we've successfully gotten stars to show up for particular pages by tweeting the URL and submitting that tweet URL to a site like pingler so Google picks up the changes quickly.
Sorry, Joy, not that up on review schema to be able to help much.

But when I ran that specific page through the snippet tool it said:

The marked-up content doesn't appear to be the main subject of the page.

When I clicked through to read more about that it said:
"This can happen if the marked-up content is very low down on the page, is found in boilerplate elements such as headers, footers, and navigation, or is included in a hidden HTML element."

So I wonder if it's because it's in the sidebar on all the internal pages?

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