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Mar 28, 2019
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Like the title says.

Im using a GMB agency account and had this happen twice. The first time I was attempting to add UTM parameters to the website/contact url. which resulted in the listing becoming suspended. I submitted a reconsideration request since this location has never had an issue before.

Next, I moved to another location that had a category suggestion. After clicking "Accept All for this location" the page refreshed and the listing was suspended. Again I filed a reconsideration right away.

Has this happened to anyone? Im reluctant to try editing anything else right now.
Tricksies!! Google is full of tricksies.

What category was it?
Tricksies!! Google is full of tricksies.

What category was it?

It was in the legal space and the suggestion was the addition of the "Legal Service" category.

Primary Category was "Criminal Justice Attorney"
Secondary: Law Firm , Lawyer

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