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Jun 3, 2020
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Hi friends,

Has anyone noticed a discrepancy in the number of reviews from your GMB page and what shows up in Google? One of my accounts is missing like 10 reviews from the GMB ad...

@lincolnchan, are you asking about a discrepancy in review counts between:

(a) GMB dashboard and the GMB page viewed publicly, or
(b) the GMB page viewed publicly and what's in your AdWords ad, or
(c) the GMB page viewed publicly and what shows up in Local Services Ads?

It's just not clear to me which two places you're comparing. It could either be a filtering issue, an issue with AdWords location extensions not syncing, an issue of customers' writing reviews in the LSA interface when they should have written the reviews directly in Maps, or just a matter of waiting, or a bug. Totally depends on the particulars.
Hey @Phil Rozek ,

Definitely B: the GMB page viewed publicly and what's showing up from AdWords (the paid listing in Google maps).

Ya I was guessing it's an AdWords location extension not syncing properly...

@lincolnchan, gotcha. In that case, if you delete the location extension and then re-add it in AdWords, and then wait a bit, you should see the correct review count.

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