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Feb 5, 2020
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Our client's GMB (dentist) has completely disappeared from the Local Pack 6 months ago. Before he was #1 in Local Pack, now he is not even on first page. When zoomed in on Maps he is #2

We have just discovered that his reviews do not appear on maps when the mouse is hovered over his icon. It happens to all his competitors.

Example: Reviews shown when mouse is hovered over a competitor icon on Maps

SlagelseTand GMB til Local.jpg

What is the reason for this and perhaps most importantly, is this contributing to his disappearance from the Local Pack?
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@Brian Ebbesen, it's impossible to say for sure without seeing the specific business. But it's unlikely the review-display issue has anything to do with the drop in visibility.

3 things you probably considered, but that I'll mention anyway. I assume that:

1. Your client still has reviews.

2. You're not hovering over an ad (i.e. an AdWords location extension).

3. There isn't a duplicate GMB page, one without reviews and perhaps with exactly the same name, that shows up on the map.

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