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Oct 23, 2017
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@CraigJMount, nope, I haven't seen a manufacturer do that kind of thing. It's surprising. A big company like that usually has a real solid link profile (as Rheem does), and doesn't need a link from Louie the One-Truck Plumber. Louie needs the link more than anyone, and occasionally gets one from the mothership if he's listed as a service provider, local dealer, etc.
@Phil Rozek Okay so this is my thing, I agree with you. Rheem probably doesn't need to pay anyone for links, but the plumber I talked with said they were paying him $500/month to do this (paid quarterly or biannually).

My mind immediately goes, "Hey plumbers... this is really valuable for you to know. Take advantage of this."

I'm trying to figure out if there is anything else involved with it.
Isn't selling links almost as bad as buying them according to Google? I'd be worried about the plumbers too... but I'm a worrier, haha. It's probably ok if it's just one link. Just to be safe, I'd be using the rel=”nofollow” tag though.

I've heard of something similar targeting chiropractors. The Dr takes a pledge, and receives a badge that says they are verified and trusted (looks like an award). The issue is that the Dr is given code to add to the website, not an image file. The code is a do follow link back to the website. I haven't seen it in a couple of years though, so maybe Google thought it was just as shady as I did, lol
500/mo? that's a good deal. I'd setup a site with a backlink to Rheem for that. Where can I sign up? lol

I think it would be difficult for Google to identify this as sites would naturally link back to Rheem if plumbers are normally selling the product.

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