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Nov 14, 2012
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EDIT BY LINDA: This thread was split off from a thread on another topic. Gave this one a new thread so the 2 topics would not get mixed up and so could have a more relevant title.

<a href="">Google + "Collections" feature now live</a>

Scott in looking at that new feature discovered the missing Local Search. Scott said:

Is it just me or is there no more "Local" under the drop down now that Collections has been added?
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

OMG Scott, Local is gone from the G+ side menu.

AND my direct bookmark link I always use for G Local search no longer works either. states
It redirects to Google+ home page!

I'll tell Google I think Collections accidentally knocked Local out.
I hope it's an oops. Can't imagine it would be by design!
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

I hope you're right Linda. I've been racking my brain trying to find it ever since I posted that. I even tried directly inputting the url and like you, it takes me back to the home page. :mad:
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

Used G+ Local search 8 times earlier today. It's my primary tool for dupe research and other troubleshooting now.

Please tell me this is a temporary oops and not a permanent change!

Reported to Google. Will let you know what they say.
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

It's gone. It's by design!!! :mad:

Just told Google:

Did you know Google maps hides dupes so you can't find them and do research to fix them. Local shows them all. Classic used, to but it started hiding them too. This really cripples my ability to research and help folks with a variety of problems. That local search option was very valuable.

I know you can find dupes in MM but it's a pain because you can't click through to view the listings. So if you have several dupes or spam listings that come up in MM for the same phone # for example, then to find which listing you want to report on G+ is a major pain. Or to even check the listings to see which are claimed. It's like 8 extra clicks for my painful carpal to do research on each listing now.

I mean I know you can't make changes to please my carpal BUT after losing Classic, tons of consultants are going to be upset about losing G+ Local search too.

Waiting to find out if I can quote the details I just got from Google.

Local listings are now just labeled profile.

As if it was not hard enough before for folks to tell the difference between page types.

Makes me wonder what else is missing from local?
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

Tim Sweeney in our Pro Community just showed me this post.

<a href="">Simplifying your review writing experience We are making some changes to?</a>

It basically explains the changes.
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

I don't even know how to respond except WOW - sometimes Google just doesn't get it and I believe this is a perfect example. :eek:
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

I know Holly. I'm kinda shell shocked too!

Scott just posted at the Pro Community that Darren made a post too:

<a href="">So Long Google+ Local</a>
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

Of all the things to take away from that menu....local should not have been one of them. So frustrating.
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

Here is the official statement I got from Google.

We?ve been making some changes to Google+ to streamline the user experience. Recently, we?ve removed the Local element from the left-hand navigation ribbon and the local search box on Google+ Local pages. Users will see a Profile element and the standard Google+ search box moving forward and may still search for local (and other) pages using this search box.
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

Holy crap. WHY? I mean, my initial reaction is that it's not a terrible change. The "Local" tab always confused reviewers. But why can't Google just leave the review process alone for long enough for people to get used to it....
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

If I put on my Google hat Phil, I can kind of understand the change.

I doubt consumers ever used that local search feature and few of them even noticed the option to search local in the left sidebar.

So if G is counting clicks and how much use various features get, I'm sure Local Search was way down on the list.

For the longest time I never used it and didn't see any benefit to it. But they appeared to put lots of energy into improving it and making it look good and work well. Too bad it ended up on the chopping block!

I never used it at all until Classic maps started hiding dupes like New maps does.
Then G+ Local search became my right hand for spam and dupe research.

My carpal is killing me so bad, I'm probably just going to stop doing 60% of the free support and research I do. I can't handle 8 extra mouse clicks, search, copy/paste, etc. for every listing I need to research.

I think a lot of people don't realize what a time saver it was and how much harder it will be now. Of course the average consultant is working on their own client listings and they aren't digging, researching and troubleshooting as much as I do. So I guess I'm an odd duck in Google's pond!
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

Say What??? Late to the party on this announcement- and actually thought I understood incorrectly as to what was being removed. When I looked on my G+ tab, it was still there- until I clicked on it. Honestly, this is almost more upsetting to me than losing classic. Maybe its the double whammy but I had relied on that local tab especially since classic was going away.

Having just started working with a multi location business, I have been doing a lot of digging and searching- but have only made my way through a few locations. I understand why it can seem like not too big a deal to some and imagine only local SEO users will feel the sting- but it sure was something I used quite often! My head hurts....Is there a double frown emoji?
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

I feel your pain Kaycie!

I just tried to do spam research with MM on 6 kw stuffed listings for a Chiro.
I gave up. Could not do it!

I'm going to do a post to document the problems and show Google and see what they recommend. I don't think they 'get' why this is a big deal for those of us that are trying to help local businesses.
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

Thanks Phil. Was just reading. Quick pick up!

FYI all getting ready to split this thread so this topic can have a related title separate from the Collections feature which is what this thread was initially about.

Will link to the new location.
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live

The dupes issue is a big deal but I'm also having a particularly problem with this in the multi- location aspect. We can't use descriptors ie: business name - cross streets -so now when I pull up business name and city, I am not even sure what I am looking at? At least with the local tab, I could hit closer to the location I was actually looking for. Phil just posted an amazing info graphic on how to leave a review, but I am not sure that would work in the multi location arena either.

Its late, I'm panicking a little and haven't really figured this all out yet...maybe it will all be better tomorrow. Apparently I have a hard time with change.....
Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live


The instructions still work for multi-location businesses.

You just have to type in the city and state. You won't see auto-complete suggestions in the search bar, and the first result will probably be labeled generically: simply "U-Haul" or "Best Buy" or whatever. But if you click on the first result you should be taken to the Google Places page of whatever location you searched for. It's a little leap of faith.

By the way, although my PDF instructions are battle-hardened after having sold thousands of them over the last few years, I'd love suggestions :)
OK thread split but people kept posting in the old one after I split so had to keep moving posts over here one by one. Think it's all squared away so can go ahead and post here now.

Carpal killing now. Off to bed.

Maybe when I wake up I'll discover it was only a dream. :rolleyes:
hmmm... not really working for me like that :/ It may need me to look again tomorrow, my brain is not working so well right now- I'm all in a tizzy about the locations tab being axed.

When I search the way suggested I get several locations- all in the same city- but hard to tell which is which. Navigating to the people and places tab (or view all) gives a different view which may work better for me. But, I have some locations that are within a few miles of each other in each city so I think that is adding to the problem.

Regardless of my small issue -that I have made bigger than need be :eek:- your info graphic is pretty awesome!

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