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I still use MapMaker to find listings at the same address because that method above only really works for listings with the same phone number.

I think you could still do the + search in Google with variations like:

"" "chiropractor" "address" "about" "review" +filter

"" "name" "city" "about" "review" +filter

To flush out ones with different names, addresses and or phone #s?
Hey Linda,

Yeah I've been testing doing that to see if it's easier/better. The phrase I use is:

"" "about" "review" "city-name" "street #" "first part of street name"


"" "about" "review" "san jose" "255" "Market"

Pulled 42 results from Yikes.

I'm thinking my example might be a virtual office lol.

Just a few using that address:

Can you give me the exact url of this search :

"" "about" "review" "san jose" "255" "Market"





The results stopped getting relevant around #42 which is why I referenced there was around 42.   about   review   san jose   255   Market    Google Search.jpg

However, I decided I didn't like that string after posting this b/c it returns tons of personal profiles who have left these businesses reviews. Also, the street name needed something else to make it more specific.

This is what I think returns the most accurate list out of all that I've tried thus far:

"" "about" "review" "san jose" "255" "Market st" "street view"

Note: for the street name, I use the street abbreviation provided it's ALSO the first couple letters of the spelled-out version. If it was "court", I would completely leave it off as it could show up as "ct" on the listing and then I wouldn't see those.   about   review   san jose   255   Market    Google Search.jpg
Awesome stuff here Joy! I hope that nobody reads this. Hehe. My guess is that tracking down and nuking GMB duplicates going forward will to be what separates the winners from the losers in many instances.

Old school for the win. Google continues to tare down software with so many tasks in our space. Can't say that it is on purpose. But it feels like automation is thwarted more and more.

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Couldn't agree more. Every time they make this crap more complicated a small part of thinks it will help my job security ;)
No doubt Joy! No doubt.

More and more smb's and/or novice SEO's throw software at a problems along with promises of a simple fix.

It sets the table for us. Those same businesses will be prepped for your/our service and ultimately great full once they get the results they were promised by the SaaS solution.

Old school for the win.

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