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Jul 3, 2013
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I had a couple of my clients tell me that they received calls shortly after their listing went live about confirming their listing via phone instead of postcard. In each time we determined it was a spam call. I just had it happen with another client and he was able to capture the voice mail.

I am sharing this so that you can warn your client to expect the call and ignore the spam.
Thanks Jamie! Great catch getting a recording. Thanks for sharing.

I get these calls all the time and for awhile was trying to record, but now I just never answer my phone.

These scammers blow through numbers and I think set up new numbers just to be from your area code so it looks like a local call and you'll be more likely to pick up.

Not sure which one of the lovely companies that pull this crap this one is. Looks like there are only a couple complaints so far for that # but I'm sure it's connected to one of the usual suspects. Then again I think new ones spring up often as well.

How annoying. What are they doing to pick up on new people registering for Google+ Local? Whatever it is, someone should expose them if they can.

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