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Jun 28, 2012
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Rules for the Local SEO Tools Section of Forum - Please Read Before Posting

This section is for news, updates and helpful information about tools and software related to Google+ Local and Local SEO.

This section is NOT for blatant advertising of your products.

There is a fine line between helpful updates or news and self promotion.
Please do not cross it. (We DO want the former but not the latter.)

Here are some guidelines:

.:. If you offer a major well known industry solution and have a new feature, service or upgrade feel free to start a thread in this section to let our members know. (Examples: Whitespark, BrightLocal, UBL, LocalEze, GetListed are some that come to mind.)

.:. If you have a new local search product or one that most people likely don't know about, please PM me your content 1st and ask for approval to post.

Promotions for NEW Products from NEW members will not be allowed. You must have at least 10 posts and be a member in good standing to post a promotion here. (Unless you are a major well known player as above.)

(I'm just concerned about possible spammy posts advertising the hottest new widget that may possibly be
A) just self promotion B) may not even be a good solution, so may waste our member's time.)

So bottom line, if in doubt just PM me and ask 1st.

But of course all general tool discussions are welcome here.

Examples: What is the best local search tracking software? Or what is the best citation solution? Or what do you guys think is the best Wordpress theme for small businesses?

ADVERTISING - There will soon be featured advertising spots available at the top of this section.

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