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Feb 12, 2021
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Joy, please can you try and help me? My business was 1-2 for 8 years, had a soft suspension due to a technical glitch and now for love nor money I can't get into the top 3.

I'm being outranked by a business that isn't even open. My business has 100+ more reviews (genuine and built over 8 years) I even rank organically #1 for the same term I'm not appearing on maps for.

My business is a SAB and my location no longer appears next to my business, I seriously think it's much harder for a SAB to rank than those with physical addresses.

Would you be able to take a look?

Thanks, Rob.
Hey Rob,

If you want to post the details of the business here on the thread, along with the keyword you're searching, I can take a peek. If you want a full-blown audit done by my team, feel free to DM me and I'd be happy to quote you on what it would cost.

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