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Feb 9, 2018
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As an electrician, I would like to do more of a specific service: install residential vehicle chargers. It's straight forward and profitable work, it's becoming more and more popular, no climbing thru hot attics, etc.

A lot of people just search for an electrician when they buy a new electric car. But I am sure some search for other terms like "car charger installation".

I am curious how I could rank better for those people. I currently have a page dedicated to car charger installation. I talk about the installation and also have a small FAQ. I also have a button on every other page on my website. And I link to that car charger service page on all the town based landing pages that I have.

So what would give me better rankings? Would it help to have the service page professionally written? I always hear about how well written content ranks better, but is that true for a local SAB page?

Should I try to find good links to the page? What else can I do?
Add a section about it to your home page, so there is text discussing it there. That can make a huge difference.
Add a section about it to your home page, so there is text discussing it there. That can make a huge difference.

Agreed, and make sure this content links to the service page. Anchor text matters as well, so make sure that is also a term that you are trying to rank for the most. You also want to make sure you have a related category on your GMB selected (if available).

And yes, if you can earn links back to your service page from related websites, that could be helpful as well. Whether or not you should hire a writer really depends on you. If you think your content isn't very well written, then absolutely it should be improved upon.
And it can't hurt to do a brief Weekly GMB post highlighting this service. Get a good photo, a quick message about your specialty and a link to the webpage.

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