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Feb 25, 2014
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It's a weird one for me today. When I type in an address, Google is showing me two different locations for the address (about 0.2 miles distance from each other).

It only happens when I go to Google and type the address in the search. Using the maps itself is not a problem, so it's like there's a different GMB profile created that has the pin in the wrong place.

If you go to Google and look for the address "1812 North 169th Plaza, Omaha NE" you'll see TWO addresses on the left. One leads to a car dealership (incorrect) and one to an office complex (correct).

Clicking feedback (which looks like it's pulling search results) gives the option for legal, but not an option to report incorrect placement of the pin.

Any thoughts on what chain I need to follow to get this second one removed? People are ending up at a car dealership when they should be ending up at a dating/matchmaker office.

1812 North 169th Plaza  Omaha  NE - Google Search (1).jpg
Click on the result. Then click on Wrong address. Next, click on the map and move the marker to the correct spot.
Odd, It didn't have that option when I was viewing it earlier. Not sure how I got the screengrab above (I thought I was on but now that I did my search again, I get a different screenshot.

Now I don't know what the heck I was doing :) I've always done it using the steps you posted above, but I swear it wasn't on the screen when I was looking earlier!

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