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Aug 15, 2015
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I would need advice for the following scenario:
One customer is the owner of an apartment hotel, a ski school and a sports shop. All in the same building with one address and the same phone number.
There exists already two GBP - one for the accommodation and one for the ski school and the sports shop.
The owner now insists of having ONE GBP for the ski school and ONE for the sports shop - which I totally understand - because he is losing visibility for either the shop or the ski school - which of course are two different categories.

I already told him several times that we could have a problem if the create a 3rd profile with the same address.
That would be against Google's guidelines, right?

Or is there a way for using the feature "located in" - for examle to set the shop as "located in" in the ski school GBP?

Any advice would be more then welcome.
Having three businesses at the same address shouldn't be a problem. As long as all 3 businesses are legally distinct, have unique signage, and have staff working face-to-face with customers during stated business hours, they should be eligible for separate listings. They should also have separate names and categories on GBP.

Having the same phone number for all 3 however IS a problem. They will need a unique number for each profile/business in order to mitigate risk of suspension/duplicate listing issues.
there is no problem if you create a 3rd profile. all you need is to have the 3 physical location for 3 businesses. it doesn't matter when you have your physical store

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