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Feb 5, 2013
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Ohhh great catch Daniel - thank you!

I'm working on some big stuff for you guys for tomorrow so had not had a chance to get through my feedreader today.

Greg said "If a user conducts a non-branded search, clicks a Carousel listing, and then clicks that venue’s organic listing, the modified branded query is what gets reported to Google Analytics."

So another way to lose track of what keywords are working!

I know many have had questions about how the Carousel is going to affect analytics and so that's great info to be aware of.

See the rest of Greg's post

Google giveth and Google taketh away!
Wait til you see what I have to shareth with you, come morning light! :eek:
Daniel, nice work. I hadn't read that blog post yet either. I find it hard to believe Google overlooked this when setting up carousel search. It's a big blow to analytics reporting. Looking forward to what you're working on, Linda!


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