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Jul 24, 2012
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I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with implementing schema for local business on a website as well as their responsive mobile site? I've asked our development department to start implementing this but they came back with some questions:

I'm building a responsive site where the mobile and desktop versions show the schema formatted local address in different areas on the page. When the responsive site is viewed on the phone, the desktop address is hidden; on desktop, the mobile address is hidden. Only one address is physically shown at a time on the live page, but if you view the source code you will see the schema coding twice. Is this a bad thing since the Google bots can crawl both of these schema codings?

Later she ran the site in Google's Structured Data Testing Tool, and it is indeed crawling the coding twice.

Any input would be much appreciated!! Thanks!:)
Thanks for moving this to the public forum Rachel, where more can see it.

But Fridays here tend to be on the slower side. I think a lot of our members start the weekend early or something. ;)

Hope someone sees this that can provide some insight.
Why don't you use CSS to control the placement of the tags for mobile using media queries?

This way you have one schema tag placed where you want on both desktop and mobile.

Thanks for your response! We are currently doing that right now but Google is validating the site with two different addresses, one for desktop and one for mobile (even though only one address displays live). Does Google do that for you? Here is an example of the coding we are using (had to change it up so it wasn't client specific) and how Google Webmaster Tools is reading it.

I'm not sure if this is necessarily a bad thing...but wanted to make sure it wasn't!

Not sure why you have "div class="mobile" tags .... that basically duplicates your schema tags. We just use one schema tag on our responsive sites.
Not sure why you have "div class="mobile" tags .... that basically duplicates your schema tags. We just use one schema tag on our responsive sites.

Hello! :)

We are using it because our design team wants the NAP to appear on different areas on the page depending on if you are on a desktop computer or using mobile. Because of this, it is creating duplicate schema for local businesses in the coding only. I wasn't sure if this would create any negative SEO. Maybe I am being too cautious...


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