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Mar 30, 2024
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Seeing this error on a number of my keywords ("This ad is eligible but is not showing...")
My google rep wasn't able to tell me what this means. Location settings are all set up correctly, haven't made any changes lately but this is a new error.

Would love any insight!
Time to find a new Google rep. Here are some things to check if your ads aren't up and running yet:
  • Has it been at least 48 hours since activating the campaign? Sometimes it just needs a little time to kick in.
  • Check for any red notification bars in your account. They might clue you in on what's going wrong.
  • Ensure your payment method is all set and good to go.
  • Are your campaigns and ad groups active? Double-check to make sure.
  • Did you set a start date for your campaigns? Maybe they're not scheduled to start just yet.
  • Are your ads approved? Give them a quick once-over, especially if they're non-search ads.
  • Check your keywords. If they're showing "low volume," they might need some tweaking.
  • What bidding strategy are you using? Make sure your bids are competitive enough.
  • Is your budget sufficient for your campaign goals?
  • Look at the impressions your campaigns have gotten over time. If it's more than 0, your ads are active.
For new campaigns, Manual CPC bidding or Max Clicks is best to start with in my opinion. It helps avoid delays that other bid strategies might cause. Once your campaign's up and running and has some data, you can always switch things up to smart bidding options (like 50+ conversions a month).

If you're still scratching your head, try using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool under Tools and settings => Planning. It could help pinpoint the issue.

And if all else fails, I would keep trying Google Ads support until you reach someone who does know the product they are tasked with supporting - try email, and get a case ID.

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