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Aug 2, 2012
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LegalZoom appears to be aggressively moving into my area of legal specialty. On a google search, my location setting being "Dallas TX", on a search for "disability attorney" I get the attached SERP. LegalZoom's organic listing includes review stars. I have never seen review stars in any organic listing for attorneys in my field. Any insight?

Hi Stan,

I can't see what exactly you are referring to with your screenshot because of the blue stuff. But what you are referring to (I think) is rich snippets and structured data -

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Sorry, I just looked at this a little closer. I believe you are looking at the Sponsored Ad section if you are referring to Legal Zoom.

I'll ping Joy Hawkins. She is brilliant when it comes to how reviews and Adwords dance together.
Sure those particular stars show up quite often. That listing is Adwords, so a paid ad. But sometimes the directories get stars right in the main SERPs and even occasionally attys and other businesses will get stars in organic.

Used to happen alot for attorneys, but Google made it harder to get stars in organic so you don't see them often any more, just occasionally if someone knows how to trigger them.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I just got snagit and really I created a "misdirect" there on the left hand-side. Its the LegalZoom listing on the right. I guess you are right - it is an Ad. My bad. Still wonder how they got review stars in their ad.

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I would definitely pay someone if they could indeed trigger my review stars in organic! :)
Still wonder how they got review stars in their ad.

What's odd is I thought review stars in ads only happened for local listings and they are not a local business. I searched but could not trigger that ad to look more closely. Maybe Joy knows more.
Thanks Joy, that makes perfect sense. Since I'm not an Adwords person I didn't think of that.

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