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Jul 25, 2013
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Hi Linda,
I have the following case study. I have a plastic surgeon who has 2 Local Listings.

The first listing is titled with his name and there is a description and review. This listing is ranking in local search results. Not in the pack, but it`s there.

The second listing is titled with the business name of the clinic and is connected with the website. The Google Local Page of this listing has no description, review and you cannot find it in the local/map results.

The question is: because the 1st listing is ranking in the map results /19 position/ is it correct to connect this listing with the website and delete the other one?
Hi Dani,

Moved your post to help and support since it's about a specific client.

Google won't let you delete listings so that's not an option. But the solution depends a little and we'd need more info.

Is he a solo practitioner. No other Drs in the practice and no plans of adding one in the future? This is important to know and could change our whole answer.

We can help you better if you can share a link to the 2 pages. Often once we see what someone is working with, we find it's different than it sounds. What you explained leaves several questions in my mind. So if you give us the links it can save time and help us give you better answers.
Hi Linda,
The situation is a little bit complicated. The client is a plastic surgeon. He has two locations and two different websites promoting the both locations with the same number.

The doctor is only one, no plans to add more.

The first location has two Google place pages under different accounts. - connected to the website, no description, no reviews, no ranking in local. there are description and reviews; and ranking in local results /19 position/

The second one has one Google page with different address, website and slightly difference in the business name, but the same number.

Although the business name is the same "Gardner Plastic Surgery", when you look at the both websites it looks like a different, because the logo of one of the website is the doctor`s name and the other one is the clinic`s name. Probably I can connect the different pages with the particular website and promote them as a different business, but the problem is that they have the same phone number.

The other question is how to handle with one of the duplicate pages that have the same address. I am thinking to connect the website with the Google Place Page titled with doctor`s name that have reviews and ranking locally. What to do with the other one?
Thanks for the extra details Dani, that helps!

I'm late getting out the door and will be gone all night. Hopefully other members will try to help you tomorrow. If not I'll try to get back here tomorrow night.

Technically this Page: and this one: should be a single paged name: Gardner Plastic Surgery: Dr. Paul M. Gardner, MD, FACS

Solo practitioners belonging to branded organizations

If a practitioner is the sole public-facing one at this location and represents a branded organization, the practitioner page should not be separate from the organization?s page. Instead, create a single page, titled using the following format: [brand/company]: [practitioner name].

Acceptable: "Allstate: Joe Miller" (if Joe is the sole public-facing practitioner at this Allstate-branded location)

I'll defer to the most seasoned experts, but I would take the older of the two listings and ensure it is in-line with the guidelines and then report the remaining as a duplicate via help/support feature or mapmaker (after calling phone support).

Thanks Heckler!

He's right. Normally you can't get rid of Dr pages. The exception is ONLY for a solo practitioner practice, which is why I asked if he was solo and plans to stay that way. So you can ask Google to merge those 2 listings into one.

The second location should not have the same phone #.

What's with this listing? It's same website as site #2 and in same city as the last link in your post:
Is that an old location or a 3rd location?
Wow I haven`t found that page. I have to ask the client. Thanks for your help.

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