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Jun 28, 2012
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Many of you here are independent consultants or own agencies. If you own an agency, you need to know the going pay rate. But I know many of you as well work for an agency.

Are you getting paid enough? Is it time for a raise? Here is some ammo!

I have not seen an updated post for awhile on the state of SEO salaries, but SEM Post just did a nice infographic about it so wanted to share.

SEO Industry Salary Guide: What You Should Earn In 2015 [Infographic]

The Director of Marketing job title commands the highest salary, with an average salary of $104,235, up from $94,407 in 2012, the last time Conductor compiled similar data. Average salary growth was lowest for this role, however, increasing 10 percent since 2012.

What is the average salary range for other SEO jobs in 2015?

SEO/Marketing Managers: $77,618 (a 26 percent increase from $63,978 in 2012).

Account Manager: $71,760 (a 12 percent increase from $51,541).

SEO Analyst/Strategist: $69,936 (an 18 percent increase from $59,407).

SEO Specialist: $52,613 (a 16 percent increase from $45,327).

SEO Coordinator/Associate: $52,613 (a 19 percent increase from $44,210).

I'm a little surprised actually. Thought salaries would be a little higher.

Now for LOCAL SEO, because it's so specialized I would hope the salaries would be a little better??? But then again for local you often don't have clients with big budgets to work with either.

What do you think?
Very interesting. Hope my boss doesn't see this one.

Of course, with all the constant changes in Local SEO and the hoops we have to go through some times, don't we all deserve a raise?:D

Oh.....and a vacation!
Haha true Scott!

A nice vacation package needs to be part of the deal! :)

(Had forgotten to add my local comment - just added to end saying hopefully Local SEO commands higher salary due to being a more specialized skill.)

So if your boss sees that salary guide you can now tell him, Linda says you deserve more!
These look low to me, but it all depends on what part of the country you live in AND what size company you're working for. For example, a "SEO Specialist" is a much different role in a Fortune 500 company than it is for a small business. The responsibilities and salaries are different as well.
Yeah I think it varies so much due to the cost of living being so VASTLY different depending on where you live. You can buy a 5 bedroom home for $120,000 in Lynchburg, VA (where I went to university). Where I live, a 3-bedroom townhouse is like $350-$400,000.

I would be interested to see what the numbers look like for big cities specifically since I think that's the section I fall into.
You go to Liberty Joy? I don't think I knew that. I went to Radford University in VA.
Yep! I graduated from Liberty in 2007. Met my husband there too :)
I actually had no idea about all this! I can't help but wonder how much the company is charging each client, and how many clients each employee is taking on.

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